Terms & Conditions;

Any issues or questions relating to us, our products or services should initially be sent to us by email [hello@thesocialhut.co.uk].

You use our website product and services in line with our privacy policy which can be viewed on our website www.thesocialhut.co.uk.

Our training, management and eBooks are all designed to aid growth of your business on Instagram. However, they often require actions from yourself in addition to the products and services which we provide.

Our courses, books and learning resources are written with the latest technology and understanding on developments from Instagram in mind and are therefore subject to change or new versions to be released since your purchase date.

Third party links and product recommendations made within our books, learning resources or on our website are just that and The Social Hut do not take responsibility for any changes, charges or services provided by any third parties which we recommend.

We will always work to ensure that our products and services match our goal of helping you to grow engagement across your Instagram account, though it should be noted that these are only a guide and in cases where the results are not as expected we will endeavour to work with you to find a solution but The Social Hut does not take responsibility for any loss of followers or engagement as this could be down to circumstances beyond our control.

Our Instagram management services requires access to your Instagram account in order for us to produce and publish content, we will also require necessary resources from yourself or your business which may include but are not listed to logos, colour schemes, contact information, images, videos and descriptions of products or services offered.

Products are sold at the agreed price whilst our Instagram management service and training courses will be delivered subject to the signing of a separate contract by both us (The Social Hut) and yourself. These contracts will contain specific details of your agreed service or training course and the terms of this.